Le Ville di Trevinano

a stylish boutique resort in Italy

Tucked in between the world famous Tuscany, the authentic Lazio, and the beautiful region of Umbria, you will find the exclusive boutique resort of Le Ville di Trevinano bordering the Etruscan village of Trevinano. The property offers the perfect solution for those modern-day travelers who have been searching for the ideal vacation home in Italy. Le Ville di Trevinano is your home away from home in the idyllic Italian countryside plus the luxury of never having to worry about maintaining it when you’re away. Due to the lucrative rental program, buying a villa at Le Ville di Trevinano is not only a personal investment, but also a wise financial one. Prices start at € 299.000 (ex IVA).

Unique architecture

Le Ville di Trevinano is designed as a minimalistic earth-sheltered build. This contrast to the typical Italian style building makes it utterly unique.

Sustainable design

Although luxury comes with a price, nature shouldn‘t have to pay for it. Le Ville di Trevinano is designed with respect for nature and complements it instead of invading it.

Exclusive location

Bordering the lovely provinces of Tuscany, Lazio, and Umbria, you’re just a short distance away from the most beautiful cities and towns that Italy has to offer.

A new kind of hospitality

The best of both worlds rolled into one hospitality concept. The luxury of your own self-serviced villa plus access to an array of five-star hotel services.

Cutting-edge interior

The living space and bedroom interiors are stylish yet comfortable and create an appealing and warm setting that draws the visitor to sit and rest awhile.

Rental opportunities

Due to the clever promotional strategy and top-notch services, upscale visitors will easily find their way to the resort. This will result in high occupancy rates and ROI.

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